Workout Wednesday: Exercising with babies

Xtend Barre: Babies on Board

Second Position Plies: Begin with feet wider than hip distance and legs externally rotated (second position). Begin to plié as you press through the heels and lower the body straight down. Return to standing or hold and pulse.

Hug and Carriage: Stand with heels together and toes apart forming a natural V (first position) with a soft bend in the knees. Position the arms in front of the waistline with palms turned in. Open one or both arms to the side (second position) and return back to first, mimicking a hug.

Parallel Plies: Feet are parallel and together. Rise up on the balls of the feet and plié down to a position where knees are over your toes and hips are just over the heels. Hold position or rise back to standing. May also perform small pulses while in plié.

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