Cable barriers to be installed along I-10 in New Orleans East

Transportation leaders break ground on a project designed to prevent crossover crashes on I-10.

The work will start in the next few weeks on the stretch of I-10 between Paris Road and the Twin Spans.

The eight-mile stretch in New Orleans East has seen several deadly crashes over the years, including one in which a car crossed over the median into the path of a tour bus.

Starting Thursday, construction begins on cable barriers designed to stop cars from crossing into oncoming traffic.

The work has already been finished on other stretches of I-10 and state representative Austin Badon (D) says the barriers work.

"There was one lady who I was talking to the other day, and she was just telling me that if it wasn't for one of these cable barriers, she would have had one of these head-on collisions," said Badon. "She actually saw a vehicle coming directly towards her but fortunately there was a cable barrier there that was a buffer and it was able to deflect this vehicle from hitting her head on. She was in the vehicle with her children and it actually saved this head on collision."

The project is expected to be complete by November.

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