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Henrico man concerned about mom 'afraid to leave home' in Ferguson


The police-involved shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has sparked unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. A Henrico man is following each new development. His 75-year-old mother lives in Ferguson, and she feels trapped in her own home. 

Images of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri have been broadcast around the world. 

"It's sort of shameful. Because that's not who we are," said Quenton Haynes who was born and raised in Ferguson. 

His mother, Mae Sanders, still lives there.

"Yes. She does," said Haynes. "She feels like a prisoner in her own home because she can't get out and about like she normally does on a daily basis."

Haynes and his 6 sisters are all now pushing for mom to leave Ferguson. 

"But she has been there for so long," said Haynes. "She is kind of stubborn." 

He moved here to Central Virginia on a military assignment, but he talks to mom daily. We got a chance to ask Mrs. Sanders about conditions in Ferguson. 

"How are things going out there?" we asked. 

"You are just afraid to leave the house because you don't know what you are going to run into,"  replied Mrs. Sanders. 

"I was hearing you haven't even had a chance to go to church?" I noted.

"Right," replied Mrs. Sanders. "And they canceled choir rehearsal last night. They were afraid to take a chance because they would be getting out about 10 PM."

Protests have turned violent most nights in Ferguson. The town has also fallen victim to looters. 

"Stores and things are still closed," said Mrs. Sanders. "We had a beautician saying how much she has lost at her business because the people are not coming."

Haynes and his mom are now just praying for things to get back to normal.

"At one point do you say enough is enough?" wonders Haynes. 

The family says even getting groceries has been a challenge. Kids have been out of school, but they are expected to go back as early as Monday. 

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