Wild World of Weather: Damages from heavy rainfall

(WVUE) - Torrential rains in the mountain regions of Thailand create flash floods, sweeping a man from his home. Officials declared him dead and another man went missing. More than 300 homes were damaged or destroyed because of the flooding.

In Japan, heavy rains led to a massive landslide in Hiroshima in a highly populated residential area. In 24 hours, the area received a record 9.5 inches of rain.

Back in the United States, the summer monsoon rains caused problems in Arizona near Phoenix where floods stranded motorists.

Also crews rush to rescue two women trapped when their entire home was swept away by flood waters. Some areas saw an inch of rain in 15 minutes.

Six people were hurt Wednesday when lightning struck during a middle school football practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Five players and one coach were hurt.

Lightning also injured boy in Georgia while he was inside his home.

"It was spikes everywhere, like, coming out of the ground, and I didn't even see it," said Deandre Connell.

Connell says he was sitting on the sofa doing homework Monday night when lightning struck a tree outside the window. Deandre's mom says the electricity seems to have traveled through the ground then knocked the boy on the floor.

And back here in Louisiana, a sliver of funnel cloud developed yesterday in Chalmette. Our WVUE fox 8 Facebook friends shared these images. That's a look at this week's Wild World of Weather.

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