Trending: A fancy dog trick, Cristobal and a powerful quake in wine country

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped… Here's what's trending today.

Dog helps out with groceries

If you're looking for an extra hand around the house, you may want to take lessons from this owner.

Millie's owner trained his dog to carry heavy shopping bags to the house. The dog's trick is the newest viral sensation.

Tropical Storm Cristobal

And #Cristobal is trending along the Gulf. Tropical Storm Cristobal is the main focus in the tropics.

Cristobal could become a hurricane, but it will remain off the east coast and eventually reach the North Atlantic by the end of the week and weekend.

The central Bahamas remain under a tropical storm warning as of the 5 a.m. advisory.

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California earthquake:

Photos of the devastation following a powerful earthquake in California's wine country have flooded social media.

The quake struck early Sunday morning near the city of Napa. The magnitude 6.0-quake is the strongest to hit northern California in 25 years.

Reports indicate that more than 170 people were injured.

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