Police: Diaper bag bandit doesn't find squat

Terry Jones, 18 (Source: Slidell Police Dept.)
Terry Jones, 18 (Source: Slidell Police Dept.)

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - A woman was robbed by gunpoint just blocks away from the police department because he needed money to pay probation fees, according to Slidell police.

The 30-year-old victim was standing outside her apartment holding an infant child when she was approached by Terry Jones, 18. Jones stuck a pistol in the woman's chest and demanded her purse, police allege.

But in a delicious twist of irony, the purse was actually a diaper bag. Jones quickly realized there was nothing of value inside, police said. He took off running, but was caught by a Slidell police officer.

Jones surrendered and was taken into custody.

"I'm thankful no one was injured, and glad to see another violent criminal taken off our streets," Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said.

Smith said Jones told police he was looking for money to pay for his probation fees from a prior narcotics arrest. He was booked into jail with one count of armed robbery.

Bond has not been set.

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