CRIME TRACKER: Two rival gangs off the street

NOPD gang task force/FILE (FOX 8 Photo)
NOPD gang task force/FILE (FOX 8 Photo)

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro points to the indictments of what he calls two rival gangs, the 110ers and the Young Melph Mafia.

"The 110ers takes its name from the combination of individuals that come from the 10th ward and the 11th ward in the city of New Orleans," says Cannizzaro.

Fifteen alleged members of the 110ers were indicted last year and the gang is accused of committing 15 murders.

Last week, the D.A.'s office successfully convicted one of its alleged members, 19-year-old Demond Sandifer, for murder.

Sandifer became the first defendant to go to trial since authorities unleashed the multi defendant prosecutions using a state racketeering statute.

"When we incorporate the racketeering statute we can talk about the drug activity, the illegal possession of guns and the other violent acts that take place within the gang and we can bring in entire groups of individuals," says Cannizzaro.

Sandifer was convicted of killing Milton Davis.

Davis, according to Cannizzaro, was a known associate of the 110ers rival gang, the 'Young Melph Mafia'.

Last Friday, a Federal Grand Jury indicted 11 suspected members of that gang.

Prosecutors say the 'Young Melph Mafia' members grew up in the Melpomene Housing Development and participated in high level drug dealing over the course of several years.

"We went after he 110ers and the U.S. Attorney went after the 'Young Melph Mafia', competing and rival groups," says Cannizzaro.

Cannizzaro says federal, state and local cooperation is netting results and the people of New Orleans can finally get some peace.

He says it was these two particular gangs that were fighting each other back in 2012 when little Brianna Allen and 33 year old Shawana Pearce were shot and killed.

Cannizzaro says taking the rival gangs off the street is another step forward.

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