Academy of Sacred Heart employee carjacked near campus

People who frequent one Uptown neighborhood couldn't believe a carjacking happened on the corner of Cadiz and Carondolet.

The area draws almost constant activity since the Academy of Sacred Heart is located on the same corner.

"At approximately 6 p.m. last night, a member of our cleaning crew was sitting in her car on the corner of Carondelet and Cadiz waiting to come into school and she was approached by a couple of people and pulled from her car," said Sacred Heart spokesperson Liz Manthey.

Police say two armed men physically pulled the custodian from her vehicle, stole her purse, her shoes, and then took off in her car.

"This morning we sprung into action and alerted our students, our faculty, staff," Manthey said.

She says the school called an assembly Tuesday morning notifying students and faculty of what happened.

"We were reminding them that we do have a lot of security on campus already, but in light of this incident we are increasing it."

Parents were also notified by email.

"We were frightened and of course the girls always know to be on guard, but it certainly raises your awareness and their awareness as well," said Lori Frischhertz.

"My oldest daughter does drive and I worry about where she's parking and what time. I make her text me before she leaves school and when she gets to school," said Johanna Raymond.

The carjacking victim was not hurt.

School officials say they've never heard of anything like this happening so close to campus.

"We have security cameras, we have alarm systems. We have the fence that protects our perimeter but we are adding security in light of  this particular event."

Police believe the carjacking may have been a crime of opportunity and they say the most important thing people can do in the area is remain vigilant at all times.

If you have any information that can help investigators, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.