Citizens group holds first DA candidate debate in St. Tammany

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - A citizens group hosted the first debate Tuesday for the men hoping to take over for Walter Reed as district attorney of St. Tammany and Washington parishes.

Reed recently announced he wouldn't be seeking reelection after a series of FOX 8 reports uncovered questionable spending at the office.

Four out of the five candidates running for the position showed up at the debate. One of the hot topics, was how they'd improve public confidence in the office after all of the negative publicity.

"We're gonna scrub the budget, and every dollar that comes in and goes out of the district attorney's office is money that I believe is yours," said candidate Roy Burns. "Not the sheriff's money, not the district attorney's money - it's yours."

"I would ask for an immediate cutoff, so I would know where this administration cuts off and where my administration takes forward so we can all know and analyze the productivity I will bring," said Alan Black.

"I will put a self-imposed term limit of two terms, because without term limits, we'll continue to have the problems that we've had with politicians who entrench themselves and abuse their power," Warren Montgomery.

"I would welcome the enhanced legislative audit," Brian Trainor. "Last year, if you recall, we had the Inspector General Task Force, and I was on that task force. The decision was made to have spot audits done on government entities here. I would welcome as district attorney, I would ask them to start with that office."

The Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany said they're planning more debates for the future. They said it's an important way for residents to know who could be taking over the office after Reed's 30 years in the position.

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