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Greg Adaline

Greg Adaline is an Emmy Nominated Anchor / Reporter, who brings over 10 years of broadcasting experience to the anchor desk on FOX 8 Morning Edition.

A native of Michigan, he is now delighted to call New Orleans home. He's enjoying the warm weather, friendly people, and excellent culture that make New Orleans a truly “one of a kind” place.

His first days on air in the Crescent City, featured Greg trying all of the great food and experiences the city has to offer, in a series of fun reports entitled, “Where Y'at Adaline?”

He is proud to say he has not gained much weight despite all of the wonderful cuisine!

Greg is no stranger to morning news. He anchored mornings at WLNS TV in Lansing, Michigan from 2004-2009, and was a morning anchor/ reporter at KCTV in Kansas City from 2009-2011.

He returned to Lansing in 2011 to become the primary 6 & 11PM Anchor at WLNS, a position he held for over 3 years. Greg's first big break in TV news came in May of 2004, when the NBC affiliate in Detroit, offered him a 3-month on-air reporting job. Greg was selected from a pool of 300 candidates, and won the job through a two-week audition process played out on live TV!

In the 10 years since that first gig at WDIV, Greg has covered some huge events, and interviewed some big names, from Magic Johnson to Mitt Romney. He's also racked up a few awards along the way, including a 2013 Emmy nomination.

Greg and his wife Kristen are the proud parents of 3 young kids. You may see Greg out and about with his family, attending a festival, emceeing an event, or trying a new restaurant. If you do, he'd love if you say “Hi”- or even better, “Where Y'at!?!”

You can reach Greg by email at Follow him on Twitter @GregAdaline.

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