Bourbon Street shooting suspect hearing turns heated

Trung Le (Source: OPP)
Trung Le (Source: OPP)

In what turned out to be a very heated bond hearing for a suspected Bourbon Street shooter, witnesses revealed new details about the June 29 gunfight.

Trung Le's attorney, Martin Regan, claims victory because witnesses testified that video in police possession specifically shows an unknown black male walking down Bourbon Street wielding a gun prior to the shooting.

Regan claims that video hadn't previously been turned over as evidence to the defense.

"We finally got a hearing," Regan said. "We've been talking about his videotape that didn't exist, and sure enough, a detective testified that he handed it over to the assistant district attorney, Ms. Laura Rodrigue."

Rodrigue said that specific video does not exist, but she did agree to turn over additional video of the incident to Regan.

One of three witnesses who took the stand, Robert Benvenuti, is also a victim. He said he was shot four times that night. Benvenuti said very little leaving the court.

"He's a hero. That's all I have to say," Benvenuti said of Le.

On the stand, Benvenuti, who is a friend of Le, said Le saved his life when the shooting started.

Benvenuti also testified he was very intoxicated and had previously smoked marijuana when he said an unknown black male approached the group of friends and pulled out a gun before bullets started flying.

The prosecutor seemed to indicate during questioning that a previous altercation between the group of friends and another man may have led to the shooting.

One witness, Christian Cooper, testified that earlier that night, "We had an altercation with a dude who jacked us of some marijuana. He attempted to steal it out of Justin's hand. The guy pulled a gun. We just backed off."

Regan denies that incident was related to the shooting.

"There was another individual that came up with a gun and armed robbed these folks of marijuana. That has nothing to do with the case at all. It simply was something totally different," Regan said.

There was no decision in court today when the judge deferred a ruling.

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