'AI' auditions held for second day in New Orleans

The second day of New Orleans auditions were held Tuesday for "American Idol," and the judges talked about the talent they're expecting to find.

Harry Connick Jr. is pleased as bread pudding to be back in his hometown for the tryouts. He rode on a Mardi Gras float down Convention Center Boulevard, complete with a brass band. It was his way of letting everyone know he's home.

"It sets the bar pretty high," Connick said. "When we were in Nashville, Keith picked us up in a Ford f250, which was really cool, and I said we got to outdo him a little bit in New Orleans. We have tendency to do things more fun than a lot of places. We started out with the Smokey Mary float."

Judges Connick, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are here to whittle down the best contenders from earlier auditions and send them to Hollywood.

"Usually our second day is our real gang-buster day," Lopez said.

Urban said overperforming is the most common thing he's seen.

"It's understandable, because you have this one moment," he said.

As Season 14 begins, expect these stars to work smarter - and tougher - in some cases.

"We are looking for people right off the bat who come out swinging," Connick said.