Saints fans cheer on pre-season game with postseason hopes

Source: Travis Alford
Source: Travis Alford

It's the final pre-season game, but fans weren't any less enthusiastic.

"It might be pre-season, but it's still Saints football so I don't care," declared Adam Troyer. Troyer says he's been a life-long Saints fan.

"It's the Who Dat Nation," agreed Troyer's friend, Damien Gardner. "Everybody knows what that's like. The energy in the dome, watching Payton out there coaching. It's just part of New Orleans."

Instead, members of the Who Dat Nation say they've been warming up.

"They look really good this year," said Dani Williams as she headed to her first Saints game. "Defense is finally doing what they need to do."

"It's great to have this talent on the team, and to be a Saints fan in general," said Gabe Pizzolato.

After tonight, the Saints will be on the road for the next two games so fans are taking this chance to soak it in.

"It's crazy, it's wild. to be in the dome is just a different experience than watching it at home so we're excited to head over there," said Chrissy Medel. Medel's husband got her the tickets as a birthday present. "We're so excited."

And while the Who Dat Nation is celebrating the pre-season, their sights are set on another postseason and another Super Bowl run.

"Hopefully we go really far," said fan Lauren Wilson. All the way to the championships."

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