Wild World of Weather: Summer hail storms and roads buried in sea foam

(WVUE) - A volcanic eruption in the south Pacific forces authorities to call for an evacuation and international flights to avoid spewing ash and smoke. The volcano erupted in Papua New Guinea. There have been no reports of injuries.

At first glance, it looks as if winter has returned to Colorado. But, look again. That's not snow, it's hail! Severe weather broke out near the town of Pueblo Monday. Tornado warnings were also issued because of the storms.

120 thousand homes and businesses lost power as storms moved through metro Detroit Tuesday. Parts of Interstate 94 were closed because of deep water, and several cars had to get towed out.

Big waves generated by Hurricane Marie hammered the California coast this week and surfers are taking full advantage! While Marie was not a direct threat, the coast saw large swells and strong rip currents.

Sea foam buried roads in a coastal town in Uruguay. The phenomenon occurs when a storm whips up ocean waves. Strong winds then help push large amounts of foam onto land. The foam causes visibility issues for those on the road. And we had some storms in our area this week.

FOX 8 viewer John Molitor took this picture of dark clouds off Caillou Island, near Terrebonne Bay. The rain did help cool things off a bit after the hottest weekend of the year. That's this week's wild world of weather.

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