Mary Landrieu and opponents tangle over whether the senator lives in Louisiana

Sen. Mary Landrieu (Source: John Snell)
Sen. Mary Landrieu (Source: John Snell)

Sen. Mary Landrieu fired back Friday at Republican opponents who question whether the three-term Democrat lives in Louisiana.

"I left Prieur Street this morning at 6:30 after dropping my daughter off to school, and I'll be headed back tonight," Landrieu said.

However, Republican Rob Maness filed a formal complaint with four Louisiana district attorneys Friday, citing what his campaign called "inconsistencies regarding Sen. Mary Landrieu's residency status."

Landrieu qualified last week for the November election, listing the home where her parents live in New Orleans as her residence.

"We're almost like a colony of Washington, D.C.," said Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, who is also challenging Landrieu. "She comes down here, she gets re-elected, she goes back, lives there."

Maness filed his complaint with district attorneys in Orleans, East Baton Rouge, Ouachita and St. Tammany parishes. The complaint cites documents filed with assessors in Ouachita and St. Tammany for empty lots that list Landrieu's home address in Washington D.C.

However, questions were almost immediately raised about whether the filing had come too late under the Louisiana statute governing election complaints.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro confirmed that his office received a complaint, according to a story on, but Cannizzaro said told the website he does not have jurisdiction since Landrieu qualified in East Baton Rouge Parish.

It is also may not be clear until Tuesday whether Maness filed his complaint before the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's office closed early for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Landrieu insisted she has lived in the New Orleans home most of her life and that she lives there when not in Washington.

"I've been an inhabitant of the state since I was 6 months old," Landrieu said, "and I've lived most of that time on Prieur Street."

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