State troopers increase traffic enforcement during holiday weekend

If you're out this long weekend, you can expect traffic. But you can also expect to see Louisiana State Police out on the roads.

"This weekend, State Police is going to be cracking down all over the state of Louisiana," said Melissa Matey with the State Police.

The National Safety Council says Labor Day is one of the deadliest times when it comes to traffic fatalities. That's why troopers plan on being out in force, putting a stop to DUI And DWI's.

"Alcohol impairs your judgement," said Matey. "It affects your vision, your reflexes will become slower, and it's going to affect your coordination so you're not going to be able operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner."

Forgetting to strap in could also land you a ticket. State Police say last year, half the people killed in car crashes weren't buckled up.

Troopers say they've noticed the number of distracted drivers is up.

"From cell phones to passengers to food," explained Matey. "When we investigate crashes in the past several years, we see distracted driving crashes have increased."

The American Red Cross is taking Labor Day as a chance to caution families too. They're asking people to watch themselves and children - especially at the pool.

"It's very easy and it can happen within seconds." said Melissa Eugene, with the Red Cross. "Make sure you keep those young children and inexperience swimmers within arms reach."

Officials want people to stay vigilant. This way, Labor Day celebrations won't be cut short.

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