State troopers out in full force Labor Day

Louisiana State Police are cracking down on drivers as Labor Day weekend wraps up.

Officials want to remind everyone to make smart choices.

"You're going to be looking at multiple DWI checkpoints throughout the state. We're really going to be looking for impaired drivers, which means impaired by drugs or alcohol," said Trooper Melissa Matey with the Louisiana State Police. "And those people who are not buckled up. Of course, people who don't have children who are buckled up. And, we'll be looking for all of those hazardous moving violations that put people's lives in jeopardy everyday on the interstates."

AAA expects nearly 35 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the holiday weekend

Troopers will be out in full force, especially on the highways and interstate.

The National Safety Council says Labor Day is one of the deadliest times when it comes to traffic fatalities. Forgetting to strap in could land you a ticket.

State Police say last year, half of the people killed in car crashes weren't buckled up.

Officers say they will also be looking for distracted drivers, so remember to put the cell phones down when you're behind the wheel.

Police say a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt could cost you anywhere from $25-50 while driving drunk will land you in jail.

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