Trending: A cloud of locusts; grandfather under fire for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Source: YouTube(Sylvain Lathuy)
Source: YouTube(Sylvain Lathuy)

A cloud of locusts

Clouds of insects slowed traffic Thursday in Madagascar's capitol city of Antananarivo.

The island nation has been dealing with locusts for more than two years.

The government announced a three-year emergency plan last September, saying the locusts threatened the food supply for more than 13 million people. A government official says the latest swarm is happening because of unusually high temperatures.

Grandfather under fire after ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The grandfather of a 10-month-old child is under fire after posting a video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Freezing cold water was poured on the grandfather and his 10-month-old grandbaby. The video was posted to Facebook. It has received thousands of negative comments around the globe.

According to CNN, the child's father is outraged, stating he was going through a divorce with the child's mother when he saw the video. The father took the video to police, CNN states.

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