After Further Review: Graham, Griffin moves reveal gamesmanship by Saints

Count me as one of the ones whose jaw dropped when I read the final 53 email.

Shayne Graham AND Derek Dimke released? Why would they do that?

Was there a better option on the waiver wire? Were they holding out to put Khairri Fortt on injured reserve with designation to return? Erik Lorig?

Nope, none of that.

Today, we found out the move was all about Ryan Griffin. Specifically, getting him to the practice squad. They want Griffin around, just not on the active roster. They love his growth, but need his roster spot. And the best way to get both was to wait until Tuesday to waive Griffin.

This gives them the best chance of him clearing waivers. Most teams already have their quarterback room set five days before their season opener. Call it the gamesmanship of cut down day. And remember Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are primetime players.

If Griffin ends up back on the practice squad in 24 hours, then the move was worth it. They get their kicker and a promising quarterback on the practice squad.

It's also risky. Teams CAN still claim Griffin. But it's a much better play for the Saints for Griffin to hit the waiver wire now as opposed to Saturday.

The bottom line is the Saints want both Graham and Griffin in New Orleans. Tuesday's move gives them the best statistical chance to get them.

We will find out very soon if they played the percentages correctly.

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