Help wanted at VA Hospital: More than 1,000 jobs available

LSU-VA Hospital Complex rising in Mid-City (Source: Nancy Parker)
LSU-VA Hospital Complex rising in Mid-City (Source: Nancy Parker)

Help wanted - that's the message coming out of the medical district taking shape in Mid-City.

The VA Hospital opened a recruitment center Wednesday in the old Pan American Life Building to fill jobs that are coming online fast. As crews  work to finish the new VA and LSU Hospitals, you can see the construction through the window of the job center.

"In the future, we will hire 120 positions which will primarily include facilities and police-related positions, but there will also be workforce development and human resources positions," said Inger Alston who works in human resources with the Louisiana Veterans Health Care System.

Applicants fill out paperwork and apply for jobs via computer. They can go online and check their status from anywhere. Caitlin Berni of GNO Inc. says the ripple effect is phenomenal.

"We've got a really good opportunity on our hands right now to create a hospital system better than before Katrina and create true economic development through health care," she said.

Officials with GNO Inc. say the medical district will bring with 10,000 jobs with it, 40,000 indirectly. Berni said businesses like cleaning supply services and laundry facilities are examples.

On the medical side, Alston says there are other opportunities.

"We'll look for clinical-related positions which include emergency department positions, nurse managers, in addition to ICU and Physician teams," Alston said.

Officials say they're pushing to eventually recruit and hire more than 1,100  employees for the hospital in clinical, administrative and skilled trade positions

"We want to create specialties here in the New Orleans region so that people around New Orleans and the world seek our care," Berni said.

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