Council considers ordinance prohibiting mooring boats in Bayou St. John

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Moored boats line Bayou St. John. But a new ordinance could prohibit these boats from sitting in the water for an extended period of time.

Some say the canoes and kayaks are a breeding ground for mosquitoes when they are left to sit and collect water.

City Council will consider a proposal prohibiting mooring the boats on Thursday. The proposal calls for impounding canoes and kayaks left for more than 24 hours.

Councilwoman Susie Guidry says abandoned boats not only breed mosquitoes, but pose a danger to children who might play nearby. She adds they also prevent the Orleans Levee District from being able to cut the grass in some spots.

However, many living nearby don't think they're a big problem.

"This is a community neighborhood," said Kaya Caputo, a local resident. "Everybody should be able to enjoy the bayou. I actually haven't seen them on the grass. Usually people keep them in the water. I don't feel like it ever encroaches on the land."

"I rather like seeing the boats on the Bayou," added resident Nancy Dixon. "It makes me feel like the Bayou is organic and alive and that people are enjoying it and that's part of the reason I like this neighborhood. Some of the boats maybe become a nuisance because they fill up with water and people don't take care as they could of them, but for the most part people are enjoying using the Bayou."

If the council approves the ordinance, owners who have their boats impounded would have to pay fees up to $250 to get them back. Council could vote on the issue Thursday morning.

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