Report critical of NOPD 'use of force' documentation

Police body camera (Source: FOX 8 News)
Police body camera (Source: FOX 8 News)

The NOPD needs to do a better job getting video of events that involve the use of force by police officers, according to a report documenting the progress of the implementation of the consent decree.

The report shows the department can't prove it has recordings of events that involved the use of force from April to June. It also shows the department failed to notice or remedy a high percentage of in-car cameras that did not work.

Superintendent Michael Harrison released the following statement:

"The NOPD is committed to ensuring that all officers are following the policies put in place to increase transparency and accountability of the department. As the Monitor's report notes, the NOPD made the decision to purchase and implement the use of body worn cameras this spring to provide officers with a new tool that records an accurate account of their work. This report reviewed Use of Force reports that were filed before the NOPD implemented body worn cameras. We developed the policy with the Department of Justice and the Consent Decree Monitor and finalized it this summer. Moving forward, we will address issues on a case-by-case basis through additional training and discipline when warranted."

To read the full report, click here.

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