Businesses get ready for Tulane football

Thirty-five years after the last point was scored in Tulane stadium, football returns to campus as Yulman Stadium hosts its first game Saturday. FOX 8 talked with business owners in the area to see how they are getting ready for the return of football fans.

Ted's Frostop just off Claiborne Avenue saw a lot of football.

"Even though Ted's been here since, like, 1956 or something, I feel like there are going to be a lot of new people that haven't been around for a while," said restaurant manager Derrick Todd.

The opening of Yulman Stadium brings an opportunity for a new generation of rootbeer float lovers to walk in the doors. The typical lunch crowd was keeping the staff busy Thursday afternoon, but Todd thinks Saturday will be a golden opportunity.

"On a regular Saturday we get about 300 people," he said. "I expect to do like, maybe 600."

They plan to pump up the nostalgic theme with hot rods and an oldies DJ.

"We're looking to put our best foot forward," Todd said. " You know you never get a second chance to get a first impression."

With thousands of potential customers streaming into Yulman Stadium, nearby businesses are hoping for large crowds.

"We are ready for the big game for Tulane" said Hidinio Herreri with Felipe's Taqueria. "A taco bar in the front by the bank; a mariachi band out on the patio."

While the limited parking is a big concern, business owners are more interested in embracing the new era of Tulane football.

"If the people want to come in to eat, come in to drink something - we are ready for them," Herreri said.

"It's a lot of people getting back together to start a tradition," said Todd. "I hope that Frostop gets in that mix being in that new tradition."

The university is offering shuttle service from designated parking lots. Click here for more information.

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