A Nation Divided: Facebook map breaks down biggest NFL fan bases

To kick off another NFL season, Facebook released a map showcasing which pro football teams have the most likes in every county in the United States.

Saints fans dominate Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The Black and Gold Nation even stole a few counties in Arkansas and Florida, but Saints fans couldn't break into Georgia or Texas (no surprises there). 

The Dallas Cowboys live up to the name "America's Team" with fan bases in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and even parts of Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri. They even forced their neighboring Houston Texans into the southeast corner of the state.

The Denver Broncos have the fastest growing fan base with the help of the most prolific offense in NFL history last season. They're territory has spread far outside of Colorado this year, while the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks didn't earn any love with a win last season and keep the "12th Man" at home.

There's one team missing altogether: The New York Jets. Jets fans couldn't find a plurality in any county in The U.S. In 2013, the Jets held one county: Nassau in Long Island, but the Giants have taken over and now officially run New York.

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