Questions about your antenna?

Are you plugging the antenna into the antenna port on the DirecTV receiver?

If you are plugging the antenna into the DirecTV box, it is possible DirecTV has blocked our signal on your receiver.

You can try connecting your antenna directly to your TV.

Some areas might have problems picking up FOX 8 with an antenna. Please email

Once you connect the antenna you might have to scan for channels. Also, make sure your TV is set to the "Antenna" or "Off-Air" input and make sure you are set to receive "Antenna" or "Off-Air" signals, not "Cable" signals.

If your channel scan does not pick up FOX 8, try tuning us in directly with your remote. We are really on channel 29 over the air. Your TV will see it as channel 8.1, but it is really channel 29. So if you cannot get channel 8.1 try changing to channel 29.

You can also call us at 504-218-0194.

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