Trending: Marching band brings television to life; dog walks on two legs

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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TBDBITL at it again

The Ohio State University Marching Band is at it again.

Affectionately called The Best Damn Band in the Land, or TBDBITL, the marching band is known for their wildly creative formations on the field.

Saturday's halftime performance was titled "TV Land" as the Buckeyes took on Virginia Tech at Ohio Stadium. Formations included a skateboarding Bart Simpson and a galloping bronco.

Kid's killer dance moves

And a video of a young boy's dance moves at a wedding reception is the newest viral sensation.

Unfazed by onlookers, the boy takes to the dance floor. He shows off a wide variety of dance moves.

Dog walks on two legs

A small dog broke her two front legs. Unable to walk on all fours, she has learned to adapt.

The dog has learned to cross the threshold into her owner's house by walking on her two hind legs.

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