Trending: Truck backs into tornado; a hammerhead encounter

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Truck backs into tornado

A truck backs out of the garage, and into a tornado.

Dash-cam footage shows catastrophic destruction to a small town in Bashkiria, Russia.

According to the time stamp on the video, the tornado happened in 2012. However, reports indicate the tornado happened more recently and the time stamp on the video is incorrect.

The video was uploaded to Reddit this week and has since become a viral sensation.

Fisherman gets up close with a hammerhead

Nearly 15 miles off the coast of Dana Point California, a fisherman and his GoPro camera record a close encounter with a hammerhead shark.

The camera, mounted to a PVC mount pole, captures a hungry hammerhead snacking on the fisherman's catch.

Excavator build with Legos

Patience is a virtue. This is particularly true for a talented excavator operator.

The excavator's massive 'claw' is able to handle tiny Lego pieces to piece together a tiny Lego truck.

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