Celeb photo leaks raise concerns over cloud storage security

Tech gadgets stir strong excitement these days, as companies try to one-up the competition with sleek, modern devices and functions. But as the recent leak of celebrity photos showed, these technologies and your private data can become vulnerable to attacks.

For some, the photo leak raises concerns over cloud-based storage.

Investigators believe hackers may have stolen the photos from the celebrities' Apple iCloud accounts.

"[Cloud storage attacks are] a threat because it's your data and it's being managed by someone else, and even if it's being managed by you, it's out there. It's in the cloud, so you're at the mercy of having all your eggs in one basket," said Nam Nguyen, CEO of Crescent City CyberSecurity.

Some people may not even realize just how much of their information is in the cloud, Nguyen said. But he points out that you can control what goes there through simple sync settings on your device, and by routinely checking your account, you may find things you want to remove.

One other step, perhaps, is most important.

"[People] should always remember to use a really, really good password. At the end of the day, a really strong password defeats a lot of hackers," Nguyen said.

To make that step even stronger, Nguyen recommends going with a "pass phrase," which means stringing multiple words together.

At the Tulane campus Tuesday, we found varying levels of concern amongst large crowds of cell phone-carrying students.

"It really kind of opened my eyes to how unsafe things are, no matter how safe you think they are," said Hunter Lapeyre.

Sam Campbell, on the other hand, doesn't worry about it much.

"I have no idea how the cloud works at all," she said. "I don't have any pictures that I would really care if people took those exact ones. If they took them and misused them - that would be my only cause of concern."

Meanwhile, Mike Swift has been the victim of a stolen private photo.

"It was in the cloud. It was on my phone and the password was broken by someone I was friends with and they ended up out there. It was a pretty bad situation," Swift said.

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