Investigator meets with St. John residents about water supply dangers

People worried about a brain-eating amoeba got insight Tuesday from an organization led by high-profile consumer advocate Erin Brockovich.

Investigator Bob Bowcock, who works with Brockovich, met with concerned citizens in St. John Parish. The parish is in the middle of a 60-day chlorine burn to disinfect the system.

Bowcock explained why residents who live farthest away from the treatment plant face the highest risk.

"Well there certainly is an issue with bio-fouling at the far outreaches of the distribution system, as we have heard here tonight," Bowcock said. "As you get away from the treatment plant source, the bio-foul is going to be stronger and the chlorine disinfectant weaker, and that's where I believe not only the amoeba but additional bacteria colonies will exist."

Right now the amoeba advisory is the focus of a Parish Council meeting.

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