Meow you see it, Meow you don't: Purrfect yearbook pic zapped by school officials

Source: Trinacria Photography
Source: Trinacria Photography

(WVUE) - It's a story of cat-astrophic proportions. A young man's fight to enshrine his cat in his high school's 2014 yearbook will likely be zapped by school officials.

Draven Rodriguez wants to be pictured alongside his peers in the portrait section of Schenectady High's yearbook. However, the Upstate New York high school sites a 'uniformity' policy as to why the photo might not make the cut.

Draven poses for the photo with his cat in hand. The cat, named Mr. Bigglesworth, gazes longingly off into space in a reflection above. The photo is drenched with pink and blue fluorescent laser beams.

The photo was shot and edited by Vincent Giordano of Trinacria Photography. A series of other photos are available on the photographer's Facebook page.

However, school officials tell The Gazette that the photo will likely not make the yearbook's portrait section.

"That will not appear in the portrait section," Karen Corona told The Gazette. "There are other places in the yearbook where those photos can be placed."

Expecting resistance from the school, Draven led a pre-emptive strike on social media. He began an online petition which has seen paw-sitive results. The petition currently has well over 4,000 signatures.

"I'm hoping that with enough signatures, my school simply can't turn this down." Draven stated in his online petition. "I wanted as many backers as possible before the deadline of September 15th."

Draven tells the Gazette that in the un-furr-tinate circumstance that his photo is denied, he has a backup in place. The backup photo depicts Draven again in a suit and tie, wearing a pin on his lapel... a pin with Mr. Bigglesworth on it.

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