Saints fans not happy about team's 0-2 start to season

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - After a loss Sunday to the Cleveland Browns, Saints fans say they're a little worried about the season. But some remain optimistic that a home game next weekend, could be just what the team needs to recover.

At Tracey's on Magazine Street, emotions ran the gamut as the game unfolded. Exuberance in the final minutes when a win looked so close gave way to devastation as one last Cleveland field goal sealed the deal and gave the Saints their second loss in a row this season.

Fan Emily Zolynsky says, "I mean, we had them until the last minute, but we were just a mess."

Andy Kutcher adds, "We lost to the Cleveland Browns. That's ridiculous, it's embarrassing, it's terrible."

Who's to blame for the loss? These fans seem split.

"I had a lot of high hopes for the defense but obviously they're making a lot of mistakes," said Matt Robichaux.

Matt Muller says, "Obviously offense has some problems but so does defense. I don't know, it's a team effort, they all need to get their crap together."

They do agree that the Saints coming back to the dome next Sunday to face off against the Minnesota Vikings, will do the team some good.

Matt Muller says, "Home field advantage, dome field advantage is what it's all about. Last year we were undefeated in the dome so who says we can't do that again this year?".

Emily Palmer adds, "We will, we'll bring it home to the Superdome and we'll show the nation."

While it's not the best way to start the season, these Who Dats say they're not giving up all hope. "We're here for the Saints right? So we support them unconditionally, we love them," Emily Palmer said.

"There's still a lot of games left. They're just gonna have to be able to play on the road," Matt Robichaux commented.

Matt Muller adds, "Do we have the ability to make the playoffs? Absolutely. Will we make the playoffs? We'll see."

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