Trending: Clean shaven father scares girl; massive manta ray freed

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Girl doesn't recognize clean-shaven father

A father shaving his beard brings his young daughter to tears.

The young girl laughs happily along with her bearded father. But as soon as he shaves, the girl is scared to tears.

Massive manta ray freed

.. And it's an encounter with a huge and mysterious creature that is going viral.

Heartwarming video shows the moment when this massive manta ray was freed from a fisherman's line.

The manta ray swam right up to divers in Costa Rica. The divers took the opportunity to clip lines tying the massive creature down.

Uploaded by Oceano VideoSub, the divers state they later picked up the snipped lines as to not cause trouble for other aquatic life down the road.

Hummingbird stuck on gum

It's another video of animal compassion that has taken the Internet by storm.

A hummingbird stuck on a piece of gum is freed by a good Samaritan and a 3-year-old girl.

The bird is pulled from the gum and flutters away.

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