Poster blasting Goodell almost gets Saints fan ejected

A Saints fan almost got kicked out of the stadium in Cleveland Sunday because of his passionate dislike of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Matt Akins penned a negative sign about Goodell and learned, like other Saints fans, that it's frowned upon by the NFL.

"We're all passionate about Sean Payton and Bountygate a couple of years ago," said Akins. A homemade sign sent a message to Goodell that ignorance is no excuse.
"It's the same thing Goodell told Sean Payton. Ironically enough, he's using ignorance now in the Ray Rice situation," Akins said.

In the third quarter, there was a problem.

"A guy came up to us and said, 'you got to take that sign down or we are going to throw you out of the stadium,'" Akins said.

"That makes my head explode!" said Michelle Miller of H. Rault Locksmiths. "Who told security to go up to that individual and take that sign down?"
Miller isn't a Goodell fan either, and she makes it known with banners on the front of her locksmith shop. The current one reads: "If you can't Slap Ya Mama, slap Roger Goodell," in support of a local  company that Goodell banned from advertising with the NFL after the Ray Rice incident.

"This company's ads had to be pulled because it could lead to domestic violence?" she said.

Slap Ya Mama's digital slap your mama's digital images were pulled for the last pre-season game on CST.

Jack Walker's family owns Slap Ya Mama Seasonings.

"We were shocked at the idea of us being associated with domestic violence, because we're a fun-loving company trying to bring Louisiana culture to the world," Walker said.

Miller wonders how the NFL will control signs in the Dome on Sunday.

"I can assure you the Who Dat nation is going to bring it strong on Sunday," she said.

Ricky Zeller, a spokesman for SMG, says there are size restriction for signs, and poles are banned. There are also rules when it comes to the messages.

"If the Saints requested a sign such as that be removed, at their request we would," Zeller said.

Akins says he'd try to show his sign in the Dome. And after a loss to Cleveland?

"I regret not letting them kick me out," he said.

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