Local youth football moms weigh in on NFL scandals

Moms gather for clinic on player safety (FOX 8 photo)
Moms gather for clinic on player safety (FOX 8 photo)

With several NFL scandals dominating headlines recently, there are concerns over how young people perceive the cases and the players they often look up to.

At the Saints Training Facility on Monday, a large group of football moms gathered for a clinic on player safety issues. Some of them shared their thoughts and concerns on the NFL's off-the-field issues.

"[Players] are role models to these kids. You have to teach your kids responsibility," said JoAnn Gendron.

"[My husband and I] want [our son] to know that we love him and that we're going to do our job as parents to make sure this doesn't happen in our household - as well. We're just keeping everything positive," said Revonda Darrensbourg.

The NFL faces widespread criticism for its handling of the Ray Rice situation, although some parents we talked with say they are okay with the league's actions thus far.

Grace Hubble believes it's important to follow the lead of the legal system.

"I'm against the violence and everything, but if [Rice] wasn't convicted yet and [his wife] didn't press charges, there's nothing on file," she said.

While opinions over the situations were mixed, the football moms we talked with agreed that having a conversation about domestic violence and other issues is important.

"My kids and I are very open with each other, so we talk about a lot," said Shannon Butler. "So, I guess whenever it comes up, then I'll address the issue."

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