50 years ago, the Beatles rocked City Park

Teenagers today might consider them "old," but those who were around in 1964 remember when the Beatles rocked New Orleans. Today is the 50th anniversary of the City Park concert that was  too hard to hear because of screaming fans and too spectacular for anyone to forget.

Darlene Tabor waited outside the gates for hours for the concert.

"I was crazy over Ringo Star. Ringo was my guy," she said.

In 1964, she was 14-year-old Darlene Bersuder, captured in a photo waiting with friends for the concert outside Tad Gormley Stadium.

She saw the old pictures of people crushing against the gates, waiting for them to open for the concert.

"I think someone told me there were 13,000 people there," she said. "People were just going wild, screaming."

The band had arrived in New Orleans earlier. They decided on Chef Menteur Highway for a hotel - the site of the old Congress Inn.
"There were seven of us eighth-graders who had come to New Orleans with one of the girls' dads driving us," said Lisa Marti.

They had traveled from Bay St. Louis and the hotel was their first stop on a trip to Tad Gormley Stadium.

Tabor was on a mission.

"I wanted to touch Ringo Star, and I went down to the floor and I was running to him."

Police grabbed her and she ended up with a black eye.

"Just when I was going over that barricade, a policeman grabbed my ankle and my face went bam!"

She couldn't hear the music for the screaming, but the memories of that glorious night will always be captured in a 50-year-old black and white picture of simpler times.

"I can't wait to print it and frame it," she said.

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