Trending: GoPro captures robbery attempt; a litterbug vigilante

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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Armed robbery caught on GoPro camera

With a GoPro mounted on his forehead, a pistol is pulled on a tourist in Argentina. Video captures the chaos during the attempted robbery.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the victim is a film school graduate from Vancouver traveling around the world with his friend. The two are on a mission to travel to 195 countries.

Biker vigilante

And a biker vigilante is taking action against litterbugs.

The video comes from Russia, showing a female biker catching drivers in the act. The biker picks up the trash, tossing it back in the culprits' window.

A wedding day serenade

The bride-to-be's face lights up as her father walks her down the aisle.

But the father does more than just walk. He sings Edwin McCain's 'Walk With You.'

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