FOX 8 Defenders: Limo owner is a no show for court

Sean Lewis (FOX 8 photo)
Sean Lewis (FOX 8 photo)

The Louisiana Public Service Commission called several witnesses to testify against AAA Louisiana Limo, a Marrero company doing business as Louisiana Limousine, Inc.

The PSC order cites alleged violations the FOX 8 Defenders uncovered in an ongoing investigation since May.  The state agency charged with licensing limos and limo buses tells FOX 8, no one appeared to represent AAA Louisiana Limo.

In our series of investigative reports, we uncovered 34-year-old Sean Lewis has been operating the questionable limo company advertising limos and limo buses online, but then showing up with old school buses to transport passengers.  We also exposed Lewis' companies, which operate under many names, including Louisiana Limousine, Inc. don't have the authority to transport passengers, according to the PSC.  That means Lewis' vehicles are not getting annual state inspections and consumers have no way of knowing whether they're safe or carry the proper insurance.

The order lists alleged PSC violations in February, March and April of this year where Louisiana Limousine, Inc. operated 'without proper registration and authority.'  All three of those complaints were first exposed by the FOX 8 Defenders, including reports on two local brides.

"I'm in my dress you know, makeup's on, and I'm calling and talking to this guy, and I'm just crying because my family isn't going to make it to my wedding," explained one young bride in May.  Instead of the white limo bus she reserved and paid for, a black and red school bus showed up for her wedding.  She explained her side of the story before a PSC administrative law judge along with Cat Fonseca, another bride.

The stretch limo Fonseca paid for on her wedding day was a no show.  "I'm like ready, at the front door.. like me and my bridesmaids, my dad.. we're all at the front door just waiting, thinking he's gonna pull up any minute and we're gonna go," said Fonseca.

Sean Lewis and his limo company also had an opportunity to defend itself, and while the PSC paperwork says Lewis was notified he was required to show up, he did not appear.  As for the next step, a PSC spokesperson tells FOX 8, "the administrative law judge will render a decision based on the evidence presented."  Colby Cook also said, "that decision will then go to the commission (PSC) for a vote."

In the meantime, neither bride has received a refund, yet Lewis' limo company continues to operate.

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