St. John cautions residents about 'workers' asking for water samples

EDGARD, LA (WVUE) - St. John the Baptist Parish is cautioning residents about any business or organization that leaves flyers on their front door or sends workers out to collect water samples for testing.

Residents are urged to be careful about providing personal contact information to any business or organization making the requests. The parish said it is not requesting samples and will not be sending workers to collect them.

The St. John Utilities Department is beginning to sample 70 sites throughout the parish, but no requests will be made for residents to provide a water sample from their home and leave a sample of water for pick-up.

The parish said the water is safe for drinking, but residents should avoid getting water deep into the nasal cavity.

For information on the parish's water system, precautions, and risks, residents can visit the St. John website or call (985) 652-9569.

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