Jesuit's Laforge off to an impressive start

On the prep front, the Jesuit Blue Jays play their home opener Friday night against Central, and senior quarterback Trey Laforge is off to a fantastic start, completing nearly 67 percent of his passes.

The Jays' 49-22 blowout win over St. Paul's was significant for a few reasons. One, it was their first win of the season, and it was head coach Mark Songy's first victory as a coach in 11 seasons. Songy was out of football working in pharmaceuticals since 2003.

"It was exciting for the kids, it was exciting for me," Songy said. "I thought the week before we had a chance to win. Anytime you get a win, everybody feels confident. Monday practice feels good, everybody has a high-step to them. We were really excited about it, and hopefully we can continue to build on it. Because we're getting better as a football team every day.

A big help in getting that first win in 11 years for Songy was the play of quarterback Laforge. The senior threw three touchdowns in Covington.

"He gets better every day," Songy said. "When he comes to work, he has a great work ethic. When he's moving his feet, and concentrating and fully focused, he's a really good player for us. He leads our team, the offense goes the way he goes. We're tickled to death that we have him, and the best is yet to come with him."

Another helpful tool in Laforge's development was learning from current Tulane quarterback Tanner Lee. Lee started at Jesuit for two years and passed on his knowledge to the Jays understudy.

"Playing under Tanner my sophomore year when he was a senior was just unbelievable the things that he taught me," Laforge said. "There are some things that coaches can't teach you. When you look up to a peer, it's the little things that he could teach you. Now I'm watching him at Tulane and he's doing a great job, and I hope to follow him in the future."

"One thing I always learned from Troy is that he absorbed everything, learned things quickly," Lee said. "I remember thinking back to practices he would always ask me questions like, 'why did you do this?' He would sit back and be quiet and absorb everything, but he's tearing it up this year."