Saints fans thrilled with Sunday's win in the dome

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Saints fans are riding high after a big win Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against the Minnesota Vikings.

Fan Dana Pierce says, "The game was awesome. We had a really good time."

Amongst the throng of people leaving after the game, familiar sights and sounds emerged. "This is our first win baby and guess what, Who Dat," yelled one group of fans.

This win against the Vikings, is one the team definitely needed. Having fans back in the dome cheering on the Saints proved to be a morale boost for the team and a "W" makes these fans feel a whole lot better about the season.

Dawn Powell explains, "I went to the Atlanta game and it was horrible, so coming back here it was a little reaffirming, like 'hey we got this,' it's ok."

Keith Williams says, "We're on the road to redemption with this win right here."

Some believe the defense was still a bit shaky during the team's performance, but it's an issue they think defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can correct.

Even with a win Sunday, fans tell us the best part about this game was re-uniting with fellow Who Dats.

Trina Johnson says, "Everybody was excited to see each other again."

Marina Nelson adds, "Ah it felt so good, felt so good to be back in the dome. It was like a family reunion."

With an away game in Dallas next weekend, many people say they too will hit the road because wherever this team goes, these fans will follow. "The Who Dat nation is always supporting and we're here for you, Saints," said Keith Williams.

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