Trending: A mother's last dance; cat survives building collapse

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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A mother's last dance

Mary Anne Manning held on to see her son's wedding.

She musters up her strength to dance with her son one last time. The touching video was uploaded to YouTube last week and has viewers shedding tears around the world.

Sadly, the uploader states Manning passed away three days after the happy day.

Cat escapes fire, building collapse

Fire ravaged a historic hotel in Manitoba, Canada.

As crews battle to control the blaze, the building collapses and is reduced to rubble.

What emerges from the wreckage surprised onlookers. A cat walks out seemingly unharmed.

A dog and his sunroof

Meet Pilly. This dog sticking his head out of a sunroof is the newest viral sensation.

The Weimaraner's jowls flap in the wind as he enjoys the wind and sunshine.

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