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Streetlight repairs begin along St. Charles Avenue

Photo via Carolyn Scofield Photo via Carolyn Scofield

The City of New Orleans on Monday began repairs to the streetlights along St. Charles Avenue.

The work is part of the city's $14.7 million "Energy Smart" streetlight conversion program which began in July. The city's goal is to convert 20,000 conventional streetlights into energy efficient LED lights.

The LED lights have a seven- to 10-year life span and use 30 to 50 percent less energy, according to the City of New Orleans. This is compared to the two- to three-year life span of traditional lights.

"At night, what you're going to see is a whiter-hue light giving off the same amount of illumination, but a whiter light that will give the appearance of a brighter street light," said Col. Mark Jernigan with the Department of Public Works.

Funding for the project comes from an Entergy account for an energy savings program.

The city is taking care to be sure the new lights fit with the character of the historic avenue.

"We're trying to preserve what we have now, so unless you look very closely, you're not going to be able to tell the difference in the daytime between the LED lights that we're installing and the Nema fixtures that are in place," Jernigan said.

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Copyright 2014 WVUE. All rights reserved. 

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