Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints over the Vikings

An old commercial for an after shave called "Skin Bracer" had a fresh-faced John Goodman slapping himself after its application and proclaiming, "Thanks. I needed that."

His fellow New Orleanians probably felt the same way at the conclusion of yesterday's Saints' victory over the Vikings that broke the seal on the season's win column. "Thanks. We needed that."

It was no Picasso. More like a paint by numbers. Pretty it wasn't. Necessity it was.

Who could have predicted a sack of Drew Brees would be the turning point in a Saints' victory! Who knew a suplex wasn't a woman's undergarment before the Vikings' defenders wrapped Drew Brees in one yesterday. A suplex that would lift and separate, looking to lift Brees in the air and separate him from his senses upon crashing to earth. Instead of tapping out, the Saint offense dialed back in because of it and closed out the pesky Norsemen from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Now the Saints head out of town for their only regular season road game on the west bank of the Mississippi. A pair of season-opening losses in Atlanta and Cleveland will be cited as further evidence that the Saints can't win on the road. And yet Dallas and the Cowboys have been a rather benign combination for the Saints of late. They've beaten the pokes three times in a row and four times in the last four journeys to Big D.

As a three-point choice by the bettors, it's the third time in three road games this season that the Saints have been favored. No need to remind you how the first two turned out. Because of those two losses, we needed that one yesterday.

And we need this one this week just as much.

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