Police ID pizza delivery man gunned down in Mid-City

Richard Yeager, 35 (Source: NOPD)
Richard Yeager, 35 (Source: NOPD)

Co-workers described the pizza delivery driver carjacked and killed in Mid-City on Monday morning as always smiling. Now police are trying to find out who riddled the victim with bullets on a dark stretch of St. Louis Street off South Broad.

Authorities walked the streets hanging Crimestoppers information on homes, hoping for clues in the shooting of 35-year-old Richard Yeager.

"A little after midnight, I was sitting in my front room and I heard a commotion. I didn't get up to check because I figured it was someone arguing in the street - a domestic thing," one neighbor said.

Another woman said she thought firecrackers were going off when she heard the shots.

"It was a neighbor of mine say they ordered the pizza, and I guess after the pizza man came he got killed," said Adonis Marshall.

Those customers did not want to be identified, but they said it was an ordinary delivery. They thanked Yeager for the pizza, he told them to have a nice night, and then they heard gunshots.
Glenn Mueller, who owns the North Carrollton Domino's where Yeager was based, said it was a regular delivery spot.

"He was just out there trying to make a living and make ends meet," Mueller said. "He was the happiest person. When I talked to the crew, they said he was always positive and always smiling."

"This week we'll donate half the proceeds of this store. Whatever sales are will go to our driver and family for various expenses," he said.

Neighbors put up a makeshift memorial to the man who lost his life just trying to make a living. Domino's executives came to the spot to see where the driver died.

"We have to take back our city and do anything we can to stop random acts or any acts of violence," Mueller said.

Yeager's car is a 2004 black Toyota Corolla with license plate VUH-283. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. Domino's is offering a reward for tips that lead to an arrest.

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