NOPD: Carjacking and attempted carjacking are related

A man who wanted to remain anonymous stood up to a pair of would-be car thieves early Sunday morning.

The victim said it happened just after he drove up to his house in the 6100 block of Dorothea Street in New Orleans East.

"While in the process of getting out, two gentlemen rushed up to the car," he said. They were yelling, 'give me the car, give me the keys.' They kept saying, 'give me the car, give me the keys.' I just refused. I said, no, no."

The victim said as the two masked men yelled at him, he got out of the car and came face to face with them. He said one of the men had some type of weapon, but he continued to refuse to surrender his keys and eventually escaped.

The victim ran to a neighbors house.

"Once there, I pushed the panic button on my key chain. The alarm went off and I was banging on the door," he said.

The two men fled empty-handed.

The victim said he was relieved, but said he didn't know if what he did was wrong.

"I would advise anyone in that situation to give it up," her said. "After looking back, it's not worth it. It's not worth your life."

Just a few blocks away on Jamison Street, there was a similar incident. Police were called when a woman pulled into her driveway and approached by two armed men. They stole the woman's 2003 Jeep.

As police worked to solve the cases on Dorothea and Jamison, the victim's jeep was spotted in St. John Parish three hours later. A chase ensued and ended in Metairie, where police arrested 17-year-old Kenneth Hayes.

Police said Hayes was wearing the same ski mask described by victims when he was arrested. He's facing charges in St. John Parish, Jefferson Parish and possibly New Orleans, where police are investigating the carjacking and attempted carjacking.

According to the NOPD, there have been five carjackings in the Seventh District so far this month.

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