Study: Which brands people Google the most in Louisiana

Study: Which brands people Google the most in Louisiana

Louisianans are a fiercely loyal bunch of people when it comes to their favorite brands. Do you love that chicken from Popeyes or Church's? Do make groceries at Rouses or Winn-Dixie?

Point Blank, the official blog of financing company Direct Capital, analyzed which brand each state in the U.S. Googled the most.

The top brand searched on Google in Louisiana is telecommunications giant AT&T. Most states favored some of the biggest companies in the nation. Texas searched for Facebook. Arkansas sought out Walmart. Mississippi looked for Chevron.

"Digging deeper into our survey, the #2 favorite brand of each state offers a closer look at regional preferences," the blog said.

For Louisiana, that was Domino's Pizza. The third most searched brand might come as a surprise for people in the Pelican state. It is Aeropostale, a company that sells clothing for guys and girls. The company's shops are usually located inside malls. They also offer online sales.

Direct Capital explained its methodology behind the study.

"We compiled our list of top brands by state using keyword search popularity from Google Trends. The Google Trends tool provides data for the history and volume of Google searches performed for branded terms, as well as the popularity of a branded searches across different cities and states in the US," according to the blog. "The maps featured throughout this article were constructed by testing a base list of 200+ US brand names and their results in Google Trends. The states were assigned a 'top' brand for the brand that was most popular from our list in that region."

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