Saints aim for improvement, offensive perfection

Just like 12 other NFL teams, the Saints are 1-2, and like all 32 teams, New Orleans has one immediate goal in mind.

"The message is pretty simple, we're in a race to improve," Head Coach Sean Payton said. "Just like every other team in our league, we've very early in the season. There's a number of things that you can address on film that you hope when you're in week 15 or 16 or 14, you're not seeing."

For quarterback Drew Brees and the offense, production has been good, but not great. The Saints are fifth best in the NFL in passing yards per game (281.3), and sixth rushing (140.3). However, he says the Saints can take their game to the next level.

"It's taking care of the football, it's being able to run the football," Brees said. "It's big plays, it's being able to convert third downs, being extremely efficient in the redzone, it's all the things I would say most teams preach, and yet, I feel like in a way, we're kinda competing against maybe the offenses that came before us. There's certain things we have focused on or are continuing to focus on, that translate into winning football on offense. I think we've been extremely consistent over the last nine years. And yet, I still feel that we can be better in a lot of different ways. Really you strive for efficiency, you don't know how many opportunities you'll have during the course of a game. So you want to make sure you're maximizing them. When you have a chance to make a big play, man you make that big play, cause those are game-changers, those are momentum-changers. Those can be the difference, and we can definitely be making more of those."

There's no doubt, Who Dat Nation has high expectations for the Saints "O", which led the NFL in yards per game four times since Sean Payton became head coach, and topped the league twice in scoring.

"There's a level of pride that goes into that," Brees said. "Not only are you competing against the defense that week, and you're trying to score as many points as you can, play as complementary as you can with your defense, at the end of the day, you're asking yourself how we stack up against teams that came before us, that's where we want to be considered one of the best, and I feel like we have the capability to do that."

The Saints travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys (2-1) on Sunday night.

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