Trending: An adorable argument; Superfan meets star of favorite show

Source: YouTube (Tara Willmott)
Source: YouTube (Tara Willmott)

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The most adorable argument

"You poked my heart."

It may be the most adorable argument you have ever seen. Toddlers debate whether it is raining or sprinkling.

A little boy sticks to his guns after his mom tells him it is sprinkling. However, a little girl is convinced that it is raining.

A dream come true

Complete strangers helped make his dream come true.

When Bradley Joyner, 19, was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer, he pieced together a bucket list.

In an emotional YouTube video, Joyner's family gives him the news – his dream of meeting Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston will come true.

Joyner later met with Cranston in a 30-minute video call:

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