Brees: NFLPA investigation 'a very good thing'

The NFL Player's Association launched an investigation Wednesday into how the league and the Ravens handled the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

Originally suspended for two games by the NFL, the Ravens cut Rice when video surfaced showing him striking his then-wife in the face.

Saints' quarterback Drew Brees applauded the decision to take away Commissioner Roger Goodell's sole control of the discipline process.

"Well, all I can say is I think it's a very good thing," said Brees. "Anytime somebody has a unilateral decision over the decision process, there's no system of checks and balances.

"I think this, with the addition of experts in the field and the oversight of those policies and the actual handing down of punishment, you've got the PA, the NFL front office and independent experts involved in the decision making process, then you feel like the right decision will be made every time."

Brees and the Saints kick off Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys at 7:30 p.m.

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