Carjacking victim says she feels lucky to be alive

The victim in Saturday night's violent carjacking on Newcomb Boulevard described her ordeal to our partners at | The Times Picayune.

"I yelled for help, and I know that he started hitting me with the gun. I did end up on the ground," said the 50-year-old victim.

The woman said three young men with guns approached her as she pulled into her driveway. They demanded her purse and car, but when she screamed, she was pistol whipped and beaten.

"They did come up, and they started kicking me," she said.

The gunmen took off in her car, which was later recovered. She was left with an eye fracture, a broken nose, chipped teeth and bruises.

Police believe they have at least one of her attackers behind bars, a 16-year-old whom investigators said murdered a Domino's Pizza delivery driver just 24 hours later.

"An innocent man lost his life because of the choices made by these individuals. It was a senseless crime, and it will not be tolerated," said interim NOPD Chief Michael Harrison.

Police said the teenager shot and killed 35-year-old Richard Yeager after he delivered pizza on St. Louis Street near North Broad.

The Uptown carjacking victim said she feels lucky to be alive.

"It was very difficult to hear that the next night, they actually went and killed someone because that could have been me. I feel very fortunate that I escaped that fate," she said.

Both suspects in the pizza delivery driver's murder wore ankle bracelets.

One of them, 16-year-old Rendell Brown, was being monitored by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office.

"He came on the program Sept. 2 of this year. He was a model client from the second until Saturday night," said Deputy Chief Jerry Ursin with the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office said when Brown left his home Saturday night around 9 p.m., he returned about 90 minutes later. A deputy spoke with Brown and his mother and gave them a verbal reprimand, but it happened again less than 24 hours later.

"Monday morning, because he had two technical violations back-to-back, it was our decision to present it to the court, " Ursin said.

A Juvenile Court judge signed an order to have Brown picked up, but it turned out, the NOPD was already on his trail.

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